In a not so unfamiliar mix-up that highlights the cultural delusion many Australians have about their presence in the minds of Americans, pop star Doja Cat has been left utterly perplexed after receiving news that she has won the prestigious Hottest 100.

This comes as the musician was reportedly heard asking if it’s another one of those Youtube shows she did ages ago where you have to eat something spicy.

As the number 1 spot of the iconic radio countdown has once again left our shores to a country that truly could not give less of a shit about an Australian music award, confusion has already begun to circulate in the land of the free on what the Hottest 100 is and if they should be happy, or let us Aussies know they never actually entered whatever contest this is supposed to be.

“Is this like that hot wings eating interview show? Or the truth or dare one with spicy food? I did so many of those dumb shows during my promo run I can’t even keep up” Doja Cat admitted.

After being informed that it was actually one of Australian music’s greatest honors, Doja Cat was confused while also feeling somewhat guilty at the fact she couldn’t care less.

“So it’s an Australian award but they gave it to me? Why? I don’t even think I’ve ever met an Australian person before” She said.

It wasn’t only Doja Cat that was confused with the win.

Many Australian listeners were once again disappointed with an ultra-mainstream global sensation taking out the local prize, when it could actually kickstart a talented Australian’s career.

With Doja Cat now entering the Australian music’s halls of fame alongside fellow Americans that also had no idea they even entered said halls, Triple J execs can continue to feel a sense of pride that they have bestowed their once in a lifetime, career making achievement to another artist that would rather at least win an award in a more relevant market like Brazil or Germany.


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