Trouble is brewing in the Eels camp as captain Clinton ‘Gutho’ Gutherson has shown up late to a crucial pre-grand final training session. 

Rocking up two and half hours late to the training session, reports state the Eels skipper appeared unkempt and baggy-eyed as if he’d just been out for a big one.

But it wasn’t nerves or the turps that had Gutho up all night.

In an exclusive for The Advocate, we can reveal the real reason Gutho was late to training was because he had been up all night bingeing the new Heartbreak High.

“Seriously fellas, it’s actually really good, you should check it out,” stated Gutho as Brad Arthur prepared to spray his skipper back to the Hardies era.

“Darren and Ca$h finally hooked up and I was just so happy for the two of them, I had to know what happened next, especially with things between Harper and Amerie still so unclear!”

The late show has allegedly caused a rift in the Parra squad with Junior Paulo reportedly annoyed about spoilers as he wasn’t up to that bit yet.

“Seriously Gutho? You’re better than this,” stated hooker Reed Mahoney.

“Darren uses they/them pronouns, do better bra.”



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