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Online sports organisation Fox Sorts has today demonstrated how good they are at keeping a finger on the pulse.

With news breaking this morning that former NRL player Valentine Holmes has signed with the New York Jets in the NFL, the sports organisation has urgently hired 1000 new reporters to cover the unfolding story.

From the first time Holmes ever played Madden on the PlayStation, to how much he loves Taco Bell, the horde of new reporters have been urgently tasked with finding a story on every single detail of the player’s journey.

Bringing them all into the Fox Sports office this morning, the 1000 various journalists from all walks of life, many of whom are just stoked to be getting some work outside of retail and Comms roles at council’s and not-for-profits, the head of the organisation gave them a run down on how full on the next few months will be.

“I’m sure many of you will have seen our coverage of the Jarryd Hayne stuff and be fully aware how committed we are to covering an aspiring NFL player’s every breath and move,” the boss said a small time ago.

“So every aspect of Holmes life needs to be brought to life on our website over the next few months, in anticipation that he might receive a punt in the NFL maybe.”

“This is the stuff we live for.”

“Alright let’s get to work guys,” said the boss bringing to life the new Valentine Holmes Department of Fox Sports.


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