The Victorian Football Club of Collingwood has today made a strong plea to the federal government.

The code’s controversy-addicted club has today asked Prime Minister Anthony Albanese to close international borders again.

Collingwood’s huge request follows another overseas incident involving one of their star players, with Melbourne’s media in frenzy this week.

Magpies midfielder Jordan De Goey has found himself at the centre of a scandal after he was filmed pulling a woman’s top down in a club, during a boozy mid-season trip to Bali.

The video comes roughly 12 months after the man with a chequered history was arrested in New York, alleged to have indecently assaulted a woman at a bar in New York, which caused a physical altercation, and 2 years after he had indecent assault charges dropped stemming from an incident with a woman in 2015.

The latest Bali incident has since landed the man with a $25,000 fine, which is suspended until the end of the year with many pundits questioning the club and the league’s stance on poor behaviour.

However, rather than take these incidents seriously, the boys club that runs the AFL has asked the government to deal with the issue.

“We are requesting that international borders be shut again, to avoid incidents like this happening in the future,” explained a spokesperson for Collingwood.

“Otherwise players who don’t experience consequences for their actions think they can just head overseas and play up.”

“If they can’t shut the borders, we request that they introduce a law banning locally based footy players from being able to travel outside the country,” he finished.

More to come.


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