A local graphic designer is believed to be gearing up for a big day steering his Macintosh Computer, frocking up in a fresh pair of workman’s style overalls.

Once the uniform of iron lung steelworkers, this morning local branding specialist Albert Markson was spotted in the French Quarter dressed in a new pair of heavy-duty Carhartt dungarees.

Whilst standing outside a new croissant stall ‘Lunar Blooms’ on Bourke and Wills Street, The Advocate spoke with the local designer, who’s artistic eye is behind the majority of business cards and restaurant menus in town.

Fishing out a watermelon vape from the multi-compartment in the bib pocket, Albert told our reporter that he’d recently gone on a rather indulgent shopping spree, thanks to a recent surge in freelance work designing wedding invitations for the current ‘bride boom’ happening across the Diamantina.

“I just got these shipped from a street fashion boutique down in Melbourne,” boasted the young trendsetter.

“Course I had to stop by ‘Tradies Warehouse’ in Betoota’s industrial estate to try on my sizing but they only had high-vis ones, not really the colour I’m going for…”

Asked how he was fairing in the triple stitched seams, the graphic designer admitted that he was struggling with the density of the heavy fire-resistant fabric.

“They’re a bit stiff to begin with and after riding my fixie into town I already have the world’s worst wedgie.”

After mounting back onto his bike, Alberts’s plans to make it to work on time are reportedly in a shambles, after accidentally knocking the chain off his crankshaft.

Gasping at the prospect of acquiring some dirty grease stains on this new workman’s overalls, Albert told our reporter he was going to make another quick pit stop before his 10am start.

“Well lucky the fixie shop is just round the corner, I might be able to pick up a coffee and some breakfast ramen while I wait for this damn chain to be fixed!”


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