A couple of Zimbabwean migrants currently residing in North Betoota’s new luxury housing estate have rattled several neighbours at a Christmas street party this afternoon.

This comes after the news that Robert Mugabe resigned as Zimbabwe’s president on Tuesday, a week after the army and his former political allies moved to end his four decades of rule.

Andrew and Peta Smith landed in Australia in the early 2000s but were apparently unable to bring their family money with them, they are now currently holding court with a loud explanation of the history of ‘Rhodesia’.

Their refusal to use the official title of ‘Zimbabwe’ should have been a red flag at the beginning of his rant, however, it is nowhere near as controversial as their take on Southern African ethnology and what they refer to as ‘learned helplessness’.

“You see. Shaw, thare wurr problums with the old wey of doing thungs” says Peta

“But, it wurked. It wurked wull. Betta thun whut is happinink thurr now”

Yesterday, the ruling ZANU-PF party nominated that the 75-year-old former Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa would fill the vacancy left by Mr Mugabe and he will be sworn in on Friday, according to government officials.

As the conversation steers towards Andrew’s honest opinion on African politics in his ‘bewtiful’ home nation, their 60-year-old Betootan neighbour Josie finds herself needing to take a seat.

“Jesus” she says.

“I haven’t heard people talk like that since Joh”

“These people are out of control”


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