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“Hey, I’ve got a book for you.”

In just a matter of hours, Martin Fox has added a layer of complexity and depth to his personality that only a keen interest in literature can.

Gone is the old Martin, the one that ‘woops’ and ‘hollers’ like a cheering American.

He’s been replaced by a placid, quiet and confident young business analyst that reads Tolkien in his spare time – which is whenever he’s not working, according to the man himself.

“I hate the concept of eBooks; the tactile feel of a book is just a part of the story as the words are,” he said, just days after he pissed in his own mouth in front of two strangers and a friend.

“Sharing a good book with somebody you care about is just as intimate as say, hugging is. A great story is a warm hug. I love to share literature with people I care about – which are basically all women,”

“Women are attracted to guys who read and have books, it’s a well-known fact.”

One of those on the receiving end of a Martin Fox book recommendation was fellow Betoota KPMG employee, Rachel Carmichael, who says she can see straight through this ‘whole facade.’

Having noticed that she’s reading the latest Janet Evanovich, Martin meandered through the cubicles toward Rachel’s desk this afternoon with a book in hand.

“Hey Rach,” he said, addressing her for the first time since they shared a lift ride in March.

“Trust you’ve been doing well. Anyway, glad to see there’s another bookworm in the office! [laughs] Anyway, babe. Got a book for you. Have you heard of Liane Moriarty? Yeah neither had I,”

“She’s got this cracking little book, Truly Madly Guilty, I think you’d love it. Here it is, I think you’ll…”

Rachel interrupted Martin to explain to him that he was mere seconds away from having a complaint made against him with HR.

More to come.



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