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Christina Pieratta has “had it up to here with GP’s in this town,” it has been confirmed. The revelation came after Christina was denied her thinly veiled request for a Valium prescription.

“Why won’t they just give me some fucking Valium?” 

Christina has been hopping from one Medical Practice to another pleading for ‘something’ to help her with her ‘fear of flying’.

Doctor DoLittle, the latest GP to see through her fear, explained to The Advocate that Christina was the third yuppie mum he’d seen that day who had an uncontrollable fear of flying.

“Change the channel,” he said while rolling his eyes.

“It’s all the same record, ‘I have a fear of flying, is there something you can give me to help with that?’”

“The number of women in this town with a fear of flying is unbelievable!”

Christina was last seen heading out to West Betoota in hopes of finding a GP out there who’ll fall for her fear of flying. 

More to come.


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