The scientific community is in turmoil today after the entire premise of climate change and global warming was totally debunked by a man with no scientific credentials.

Betoota local and noted climate change skeptic Brett Melon posted a link to a picture this morning purporting to show bins overflowing with garbage after a climate change rally.

Although several scientists were quick to point out that what the picture actually depicted was a lack of garbage receptacles for the size of the crowd which could be interpreted as showing that support for climate change action is greater than expected and such a localised waste disposal issue was not in any way connected to the issue of climate change on a global scale, most were more pessimistic.

“I could not believe it. As soon as I saw the post, I knew all my research was for nothing because here was a clearly documented personal anecdote that the very people who were most passionate about the issue were not putting their garbage in the bin that was already full” sobbed Dr Marcel Foley, as he pushed dusty document boxes of carefully collated files out of the window of his office in the CSIRO Climate Science Centre and into the dumpster in the carpark below.

“All those wasted years, all that carefully collated data, all those symposiums, all those peer-reviewed journal articles, all for nothing. None of it was real, we were all tricked somehow, I feel like such a fool! I mean, they weren’t even recycling bins, just regular garbage bins!”

For his part, Brett was more circumspect when he heard of the impact his simple message had caused.

“Guess the truth hurts hey?” he grinned

“I knew it was bullshit ages ago when they said I couldn’t just burn off shit in the back yard anymore. But I’ve been doing it for years and it’s still cold in winter so you can’t argue with proof like that”.


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