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If there’s one thing you can say about Brisbane couple John and Tyra Finley, is that they’re very progressive – in both their choice of transport and in the bedroom!

Having been together for several years, the adventurous pair have pretty much been there and done that when it comes to exploring the world and dabbling in paraphernalia, so when opportunity knocked in the presence of a mutual friend enquiring if the pair would be keen to come to ‘a party’, they figured, why the hell not.

Invited to a penthouse that was owned by a slightly older couple who seemed to be rich through murky origins (art?), the nervous pair were invited to sip on some champers and chat to the bubbly host Cathy, who was already comfortably flitting about the apartment in some lace lingerie.

 “Alright keys in the bowl!”, said Cathy, deciding it’d be funny to partake in the 70’s swinging tradition, “my eyes are on the Porsche haha!”

Stifling an embarrassed smile as he’d watched everyone dig into their pockets and purses, John had no other option but to slide his Go Card into the mix when no one was looking, and have a defensive remark ready to go.

But considering everyone there was open minded enough to root each other, it’s highly unlikely the couple would be judged for taking the train on the way there.

And a potential train again later, if they’re feeling extra adventurous.


More to come.


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