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The golf world has woken to shocking news this morning that the PGA, DP World Tour and the breakaway LIV venture will merge and form a single competition – ending years of litigation and back-room dealings.

It’s come as a shock especially to Northern Irish golfer Rory McIlroy, who has been effectively throw to the wolves by the very establishment he fought to protect over the past two years.

The ongoing controversy and Rory’s place in it has taken a toll on the Belfast boy, who’s major tournement form has been lacklustre ever since the war in golf started.

However, Rroy has broken his silence this morning, telling reporters in the United States that the whole thing has worn him down.

“Damned Saudis just popped up, cut me down in my prime,” said McIlroy.

“But I have to move on from this, we all do. At least there won’t be no Greg Norman in the future. That’s something we can all look forward to. I don’t think the war could’ve ended if Norman was still involved.”

The merger news also came as a surprise to top Australian golfer Cam Smith, who told The Advocate that he didn’t see it coming.

“Nah, yeah, but yeah,” said the Queenslander.

“Nah, didn’t see this one coming. Obviously, there wasn’t room for two big tournaments. Had to happen. Yeah, pretty excited. Ah, yeah. Anyway, should know more directly. Have a good one.”

More to come.


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