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If you’d asked local woman Vesna Wagner [29] a year ago what she thought about parents sending sick children to daycare, she’d have responded that they were clearly assholes.

In fact, the first time her child Ben had come home sporting a sniffly nose, that had been her exact thought – why on earth would someone purposely drop off their kid, knowing that they’ll undoubtedly infect the whole nursery? 

So dutifully, she and her partner had done the right thing and took a few days off to tend to Ben, who managed to expel so much snot, she’d pondered where on earth he was storing it in his tiny head.

But now Ben is sick again. Well he appears to be fine, but the sheer amount of gunk pooling out of his eyes and nose probably isn’t considered socially acceptable, nor is the guttural cough his motor skills fail to cover.

Faced with a moral conundrum, Vesna sheepishly admits she’s starting to get it now and that maybe she’d been too quick to judge.

“Daycare is a fucking petri dish but I have no choice”, she tells our reporter, “I’m essentially paying a $500 weekly subscription to strengthen my kids immune system.”

“But we both have to work, and I can’t afford to take any more time off…”

“I’ve just accepted that Ben will be permanently sick. Which has made me and my partner sick.”

“Everyone’s sick, 24/7. What a stitchup.”

“I’m sure all the parents are in the same boat.”

“As long as it’s not chicken pox or something, I’m sure it’ll be fine.”

More to come.


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