With NSW premier Dominic Perrottet under scrutiny for dressing as a Nazi at his 21st birthday, young people are once again reminded that the foolish acts of bigotry they commit today, may come back to haunt them tomorrow.

One group of young people that especially needs to be reminded of this are the nation’s Young Liberals who despite being young are still out of touch with the youth of today. 

During Perrottet’s youth, there were no camera phones and the only risk to your photos being leaked was if you got the pics developed at a particularly nosey chemist outlet.

These days, everyone has a camera on their phone yet Young Liberals are still exactly the type of people who think dressing up as an irredeemable beacon of hate is Daniel Tosh style ‘epic edgy humour.’

It is for that reason that Young Liberals are being reminded to only dress up in racist costumes that hide their identity.

“Instead of renting a nazi costume from a shop or your opa, get a traffic cone and an old pillow case with two holes in it,” stated Betoota Young Liberals chairMAN Percy Gruber.

“Or better yet, pop on that Proud Boys head wrap that is gathering dust in your cupboard!”

“I’m looking at you everyone.”


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