A major report released today by one of Australia’s most esteemed Refrigerator Mechanic bodies has levelled damning claims against pretenders within the industry.

The findings are already causing controversy on worksites across the nation, as it becomes clear that not all fridgies are equal – in the eyes of fridgies.

The report, which was commissioned Fridgies United Conglomerate Of Young and Old, Urban and Country Experts (FUCYOUCE) was initially meant to be a study into the industry’s opportunities to expand and grow – following a gruelling lull period that saw three back-to-back La Ninas, resulting in the coldest Christmas Day on record.

“We’d initially hoped that this study could help our members upskill in this current climate” said an industry spokesperson, Bill Chill (Betoota FUCYOUCE Chapter President)

“Hardly anyone has turned on their air-con units since the bushfires… And the pandemic supply shortages have seen a notable lack in wear and tear for cool storage”

However, no one could have predicted the damning revelations to come from the first ever report in the history of the industry.

“What we’ve found is, half the blokes who claim to be fridgies aren’t fridgies” said Mr Chill.

“I guess we always knew deep down that there was a few pretenders out there. But it seems we’d gravely underestimated the stolen valour within our industry”

Today’s findings have all but confirmed the long held beliefs that anyone climbing in a roof is not a fridgie.

“There’s plenty of work out there for these kinds of blokes. But don’t call yourselves fridgies”

“You’re fan mechanics at best”


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