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Controversial Russian tennis player Daniil Medvedev has used his press conference this morning to ask reporters if things would be different if he wasn’t who he was.

The philosophical question comes after the 26-year-old told someone in the crowd to “fuck off” yesterday which prompted a code violation from the chair umpire.

It’s unknown what the fan said to the world-number-seven to prompt such an outburst.

In a twist of fate, it appears Medvedev won over fans and reporters in Melbourne this morning by suggesting their opinion of him would be different if he had a more Australian name.

When he was asked if his nationality had anything to do with the hostile reception he’s currently enjoying out in the middle, Medvedev said this story goes all the way back to 1996.

“Let’s take it back to 1996. Just quickly,” he said as reporters took notes.

“I came into this world, and my mother thought. I will name this little boy Daniil. Plain old boring old Danill,”

“I always thought If I had a different name, would my life be different? Like here in Melbourne.”

Medvedev paused.

“Imagine if I had a name like Jimmy Recard? Imagine. Instead of calling me terrible names, they would be chanting!”

“They would be singing! It’s J.R., Jimmy Recard! Raise your glass for the king of the bar!”

“It’s J.R., Jimmy Recard! Women swinging their bras, ladies swinging their bra!”

As the Russian continued, the two reporters from Fox Sports and Channel Nine closed their notepads and started to sing along.

The ABC Grandstand reporter rolled their eyes but smiled and tapped along to the beat with their foot.

More to come.


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