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In some sad news, a Betoota Ponds woman has finally come to accept that she’ll never be able to live out her Pinterest dreams, as long as she continues to live in a city within two hours of her family and friends.

Brea Coppola, 31, admits she’d continued to hold out hope that she’d one day be able to adorn her house with numerous plants, quirky decor and splashes of colour, but after getting leaving her third rental in the span of two years, she has now been forced to put those dreams to rest.

“It’s my first studio, so I was excited at the prospect of decorating my own space”, says Brea, “but then I remembered how exhausting and expensive it was move even just moving from sharehouses.”

“I can’t imagine what that would be like with a house full of furniture.”

Brea says she now lives a minimalist lifestyle not because she likes it, but because she’s being practical.

“I fucking hate beige-ness but I have no choice. The rental market isn’t what it was like five years ago.”

“I lived in my first share house for two years, the one after that for three.”

“Now I’m just constantly moving, it’s so unsettling.”

Brea puts her head into her hands and lets out a small sob.

“I want knick knacks.”

More to come.


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