Local woman Siobhan Murphy (28) has got in touch with her motherland today as she keeps a covert eye on her letterbox, waiting for her package to arrive with the dedication of an IRA sniper.

Waiting for the arrival of a cardigan, necklace and beret that she ordered no less than 40 minutes ago, Murphy moved her laptop into the living room so she could work while looking out of the foggy dew on her front window, eyeing her mailbox as if it were like to explode at any moment.

“I paid for express postage,” stated Murphy, who was just a balaclava and an armalite short of replicating the behaviour of her distant cousins her Aussie family don’t talk about.

“I hope there hasn’t been a hold up at the post office or something.”

Murphy has long been a fan of receiving things in the mail after she did it once, realised it felt great and that life always somehow seems empty without having a package on the way. 

So extreme has her passion for her daily mail become that she is shooting a constant glance at her mailbox, even as 5pm arrived without a courier stopping by the green and lovely lanes of Killeshandra. 

“Yeah, they sure have some funny names for these newly developed suburbs huh?” mused Murphy as she resigned herself to another day of waiting for her package.

“It’s OK, our delivery day will come.”

More to come.


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