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A local lab has today proven that he is actually capable of moving, and surprisingly not for something food related this time.

Oscar [4], also known as ‘the vacuum’, was seen curled up on the kitchen tiles to cool off from the heat, when his owner Maisie decided it’d be nice to get a snap of him looking all cute (obligatory whenever a dog is doing that adorable roll on the back sleeping pose).

Edging over quietly on her knees to get an up close snap, Maisie barely made it even three shuffles before she clocked his eye moving in her direction, which prompted Oscar to immediately leap onto all fours and exert the most energy she’d seen since he was a puppy.

“Aw fuck Oscar nooooo”, she shrieks, as Oscar completely bawls her over, so her tailbone whacks promptly onto the tiles, “ow.”

“Cool, thanks.”

More to come.


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