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Now that smart phones and messenger apps have completely superseded the traditional land line, it has been confirmed that there is only one phone number that members of generation-Y still remember off by heart.

“It’s a worry that most Millennials don’t even know that our emergency number is triple 0, not 911” said Minister For Communications, Michelle Rowland.

“Let alone the fact that the only number that can remember is one for a tyre repair company that was big in the nineties”

“Some still remember the reading/writing hotline, but the one jingle they can all remember is that yelling down the lense”

It’s all thanks to a young boy with his missing front teeth, relative speech impediment, flanny, cute mullet and attitude to boot, the phone number for the popular mobile auto-mechanic is permanently etched into the brains of those that were raised in the 1990’s.

It’s been the gift that keeps on giving for the company and stranded drivers alike, whom only need to sing to themselves “Lube Mobile will come to you” before a vivid memory of that ratbag kid (now a member of Adelaide rock group Bad//Dreems) delivers the phone number straight to the temporal lobe.

So what’s the number? Easy. 13 30 32. That’s Firteen Firty Firty Two.

Thanks kid.


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