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A local woman has this weekend been horrified to discover that her male friends may have a little to desire in the hygiene department, after she visited her mate Paul at his four person strong sharehouse.

Consisting of all blokes, the 27 Daroo street  household has a long history of being a sharehouse for both university students and young professionals who’ve just scored their first full time gig, and if the walls could talk, you probably wouldn’t want them to.

Still, it has an odd kind of charm, even if none of the furniture goes together (all curbside) and the living room is constantly filled with a lingering, smoky haze leftover from the cheap disposable vapes they’re always sucking on. 

All of that is perfectly fine for Lana Thewlis. Absolutely not a problem.

But after popping into the bathroom, she has come across something that is…a bit of a dealbreaker.

There appears to be something very crucial missing from the bathroom – hand soap.

Not even a pathetic sliver of bar soap or some incredibly watered down dettol. Just a void where the soap should be.

Trying really really hard not to think about the dim sims her mate prepared for her earlier, Lana goes off in search for some washing up liquid in the kitchen.

More to come.


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