In some joyful news for a Betoota nurse, The Advocate can confirm Kaylah Barilla might have snagged herself a very rich bloke.

Having dated around the Diamantina for the last six years, and also failing to find love during a two stint in Brisbane, Kaylah thought she would become a lifelong victim of the 11-year man drought that’s been plaguing Queensland.

But after a chance encounter at last month’s QLD Health Conference held at the Betoota’s International Exhibition Centre, Kaylah reportedly hooked up with Samuel Blair-Baldwin, the new podiatrist that’s arrived in town.

Flaunting gorgeous private-school locks and tan chinos, from day one Kaylah’s had suspicion that Samuel comes from a family that has a bit of dough, the type of family unit that does holidays in Whistler every Christmas.

But today The Advocate can reveal Kaylah’s will likely be spending next Easter at a holiday house in Noosa, after witnessing her new man attack the grocery aisle.

“Pasta for dinner?” Samuel offered, stopping by the jar sauce section and pulling a jar of Maggie Beer off the top shelf.

“Do you usually get the Tomato & Basil or the Tomato & Lemon Myrtle one?”

Stunned that her bloke would go straight for the $11.95 jar of watered-down tomato paste, Kaylah did her best to not let slip that she grew up a Dolmio gal.

“Uhhh, yeah just the Basil one is fine!” Kaylah replied.

“Should we get some parmesan too?” she asked as she eyed the powdered cheese on the bottom of the shelf.

“Uhh no no, we’ll go to the deli for that, I’ll buy a fresh block. I might get some things for an antipasti platter, what’s your favourite quince paste?”

More to come.


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