You may have heard about it in conversation or been bonked on the head with it but there is this thing called SuperCoach.

If you need an explanation on what that is, keep reading and congratulations on your weekend activities with your partner.

SuperCoach is a fantasy team building competition for Australia’s biggest sporting codes, and the NRL, where punters manage a roster of players from across all the teams, earning points if the players play well (don’t make me Google it, my relationship can’t handle a new rabbit hole like this). 

Once a fringe hobby, SuperCoach now enjoys mainstream success as more punters fulfil the primal urge of going ‘being the man in charge.’

As alluded to earlier in an all-time original burn about SuperCoach fanatics, those who participate tend not to have time for things such as a relationship, chores or talking about anything else.

And it is for that reason that office SuperCoach guy Jeremy Waters has been asked to drip feed his SuperCoach chat because it’s a long season mate and no one is going to be there for him for his next injury breakdown.

“I’m not talking about it that much am I?” stated Waters, wearing a shirt that reads ‘Ask Me About My SuperCoach Team’.

“I’ve cut down massively! Just one hour a day.”

“Per co-worker.”

“I just…I can’t come last out of my mates again this year. I can’t cop another penalty tattoo. I’d really like an ass cheek that doesn’t have Matty the Waterboy on it.”


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