For better or worse, the streaming revolution has meant pieces of media are now able to be edited with today’s political climate in mind, giving home media watchers the experience of watching a film on a plane.

This had led to sitcoms such as Golden Girls and 30 Rock having ‘the blackface episodes’ removed as well as Community having the dark elf episode removed which according to your mate Jesse who never passed a single course at uni, is a tragedy.

More daringly, the whole on-screen appearance of controversial or ‘cancelled’ performers have been removed from movies entirely even if it means the movie now makes fuck all sense.

Perhaps the film made the most unwatchable is the 2010 comedy Get Him To The Greek which once starred Jonah Hill, Russell Brand and P.Diddy – but due to selective editing now just stars Rose Byrne.

Due to the three leads being accused of the progressively worse tiers of being a shitty dude, they have each been edited out of the most recent cut of movie.

A spinoff of Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008), Get Him To The Greek 2024 edition is a 20 minute film about Jackie Q (Rose Byrne), a UK popstar with a few songs that feature provocative lyrics, who is the mother to a boy called Naples of ambiguous parentage.

It also features Elizabeth Moss for a bit.

More to come.


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