In local sporting news, a Betoota Grove man is primed to hit a personal best on the spin bike this morning all thanks to a new pair of leggings.

Austin Edwards, an analyst at PwC, is believed to have arrived at the Platinum Fitness First on Pratt City in Betoota’s CBD flaunting a gym outfit costing upwards of $600.

Rocking a pair of three-quarter Skins, a waterproof Lululemon jacket and a $250 pair of Asics, Austin’s gym kit was a clear display of his financial commitment to high performance.

But just to ensure his fellow gym goers knew that he isn’t just a soft-handed Peloton enthusiast, Austin wore a pair of his old Betoota Boys Grammar School rugby shorts over his Skins, as a throwback to the days when he used to play on the wing for his school’s U/15’s side.

“It’s getting pretty chilly, these new skins keep my legs nice and toasty,” Austin told our reporter, whilst adjusting his package that was being strangled by the lycra.

With temperatures beginning to drop below an icy 25 degrees across the Diamantina, it’s reported Betoota’s community of well-paid corporates have started rolling into their exclusive gyms in a range of high-performance athleisure wear.

Speaking to the manager of the Skins flagship store at North Betoota Westfield, it’s believed the recent run of cold temperatures have inspired a sizable bump in business.

“When these white collar types stroll in they’ve usually got a fat bonus to spend and are ready to splash some cash on the next fun run they’re training for,” said store manager Greg Roselands.

“I can flog them a few pairs of leggings, a dry-fit tee, and usually a $50 pair of arm warmers.”

“No idea why they get dressed like a Marvel character to do 30 minutes on a stationary bike in an air conditioned room, but I just tell them these spray-on pants will ‘maximise their performance’ and they buy in!”


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