Local man Lachlan King is most definitely not into The Bachelorette and doesn’t understand why people ‘watch that kind of shit.’

Despite being a chronic couch hoverer whenever the show is on, Lachlan regularly chides his ‘missus’ for her TV viewing habits and reckons she could make ‘better use of her time.”

“Honestly it’s a load of rubbish,” says Lachlan, barely taking his eyes off the TV as Osher enters the screen.

“It’s all fake.”

“They only go on there to get famous. Half of them are bloody actors.”

Lachlan was first exposed to the television show when his wife, Lisa, got hooked on the Sophie Monk edition and states that he’s been subjected to it ever since.

Now whenever the show is on, Lisa is rewarded with a running commentary of each episode, which Lachlan does whilst standing directly across from the TV.

Lachlan often stays vertical for the entire duration of the show, as sitting down would be admitting he actually likes it.

“I just don’t see the appeal of watching dickheads”, says Lachlan.

“I don’t know where they find half these people.”

“Except Timm, he seemed like an alright bloke.”

At one point, Lachlan laughs at a particular scene but quickly hides it by pretending he saw something funny on his phone.

“Yeah wasn’t laughing at what Timm said,” says Lachlan, “it was, um… a meme.”

Lisa seems confused by her husband’s constant protestations of the show and doesn’t understand why he complains so much.

“I don’t get it, we have a TV in the other room?”

“He could just go in there but he insists on bothering me.”

It was later revealed that Lachlan had become unusually moody and quiet when fan favourite, Ciarran, left the show after news of his nans passing.

Lachlan insists that his weird mood had nothing to do with that turn of events, and says he ‘just had something in his eye.’

More to come.


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