By all accounts, things are going well for Harry and Meghan after taking the giant leap to move out by themselves.

With Harry soon to be a qualified Personal Trainer and Meghan starting her own online business, the currently unemployed couple have spent the evening getting everything in order for their next big challenge.

Following that bombshell decision to go out on their own, the pair have asked their friends and family to do them a favour today.

Taking to their joint social media account, the parents have pleaded with those close to them to vote for their son Archie in the Bonds Baby Search.

Asking for people to vote for your kid in the Annual Bonds Baby search is a rite of passage for many parents, and Harry and Meghan told The Advocate that they are determined to live like normal people.

“It would really mean a lot to us if everyone could vote for our bub in the search,” explained Harry.

“He’s just the most adorable little fella, and we really think he’s the cutest baby in the whole world, don’t we Megs,” he said.

Meghan agreed before telling us that she’s working on getting a professional photoshoot done to update the application.

“Thinking sitting on the grass somewhere with Harry in jeans and a short-sleeve white button-up, and myself in a nice dress to match his top.”


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