The rogue Royals have wasted little time finding their feet it can be confirmed today. 

Less that 24 hours after announcing that they would be going out on their own and attempting to break away from the Royal purse, Harry and Meghan seem to have already found alternative sources of income.

In a profound display of independence, Harry has enrolled himself in a Personal Training course at some vaguely named small ‘college’ on the outskirts of the CBD, and Meghan has begun setting up her own business with a residual income. 

Despite facing stinging criticism for the fact that they are a young couple seeking to stand on their own two feet without the help of social security, the pair exclusively told The Advocate that they are determined to see it through.

“I’ve just got a stack of really incredible multivitamins in,” explained Meghan who is set to begin a career as a self-employed multi-layered marketing gun.

“And I’m working on building up my clientele.”

Harry then excitedly chimed in over the only landline in the office that can make international calls, telling us that he should be Cert IV qualified in less than 6 months.

“I’ve already got a placement at a local gym, and I’ll be fully qualified before the end of the year,” he said.

“Meghan’s looking into getting me my own range of protein, amino acids and other supplements too.”

“Stay tuned for exciting things in store!”


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