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A Betoota Heights man says he’s putting the community first by putting the name of his Pitbull on the harness so people can call it off the next toddler or small dog it tries to attack.

Despite it only happening a few times, Dennis Pooley reckons his dog isn’t dangerous and the kid was actually teasing it before he got a “little love bite.”

“Ryder is a big softie,” he said.

“Did you know that the most dangerous dog by number of attacks is actually the Labrador Retriever? The second most is a Golden Retriever! Pitbulls aren’t even in the top three. But yes, Ryder can be a bit tough sometimes! I got his name put on his cute harness so other people can help him behave [laughs] I also have another one with a different name on it so I can pretend it’s a different dog if we ever see that guy who had the silly corgi that was annoying Ryder that time and Ryder had to show him who was boss! It must’ve been an old dog because it died really quickly after we got Ryder’s jaw unlocked. I had to put a finger up his bum bum!”

Dennis spoke to The Advocate in Machattie Park, which is essentially “a glorified dog toilet” according to some residents in the area.

During the pandemic, the number of registered dogs in the Betoota Shire Council area exploded. The number of dog attacks has also understandably gone up.

A nearby resident of Machattie Park laughed when our reporter explained what Dennis had done to protect the community.

“The most community-minded thing a Pitbull owner can do is throw the thing off the balcony – or the nearest bridge,” they said.

“I’m all for dog ownership but fuck me, why get some fucking thing that’s bred to kill things?”

More to come.


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