Has the greatest day on the Royal Calendar already been ruined, weeks before it even arrived?

Unfortunately, the answer is probably yes – unless you are a sensitive left wing snowflake who thinks whinging attention hungry millennials haven’t ruined the great institution of the Royal family.

Why may you ask? Well, surprise surprise, Meghan Markle, has done it again.

Seemingly unhappy with just turning Harry against his family (because he has no independent will of his own) as a result of a few harmless off hand racist comments about their kids and the poisonous nature of a machine that harbours pedophiles and crushes anyone who threatens their reputation and ability to make billions of dollars of their constituents, Megan has now set about sabotaging the Royal Coronation.

Once again, she has made all the headlines about herself, by simply choosing NOT to attend the event

Although this author would likely slam the evil manipulative Prince stealer if she did decide to attend, the decision to stay at home and look after her kids has once again proven how much she hates the Royal family.

The narcissistic and manipulative decision from Megan not to attend and focus the attention upon herself, instead of just attending (which definitely wouldn’t have created any headlines) has once again proven that she will rest at nothing until she has ruined every ounce of credibility that the Royals have.

So, I say this, if you think that renewed scrutiny of the Royal family’s involvement in the transatlantic slave trade or their ability to avoid repercussions for one of their own seemingly being involved in child sexual abuse is what will bring down the Royal family, then you have rocks in your head.

Those issues are nothing, it is Meghan the witch who is the threat.

Meghan will not stop, until she financially and socially ruined the entire Royal family, one tabloid headline at a time.

More to come.


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