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In a recent survey conducted by a group of Betoota Polytechnic Comms students, it’s been uncovered that blokes in a drinking environment often use greetings to symbolise hidden messages.

Members of the survey were asked to rank different greetings depending on how happy they were to see the greeted party. Survey options and outcome below.

Look what the cat dragged in –
Had a very clear result with the survey, that being “dragged in by a cat” is reserved for an absolute bonza bloke everyone has been excited to see. Oftentimes being greeted this way indicates that you’re a possible best man look-in.  

Here we fucken’ go! – 
Has been found to be the greeting you will receive if you are an “absolute rig” if your arrival is being announced in this way it’s safe to assume all your mates at the bar expect you to be the one to turn the night into a wild one. 

Get the night off!? – 
This greeting again had a clear outcome with many using it to symbolise a mate who has been missed sorely at catch ups. 

There he is! – 
Lastly, a greeting that has been found to often welcome the mate who everyone never expected to show up, because he normally doesn’t show up. Major correlation also found between “here he is” and having an absolute nightmare of a missus. 

If delivered a ‘G’day champion’, it’s probably best to pack up and find a new group to hang with, because everyone hates you. 

More to come.


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