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A group of adult friends spending a weekend down the coast were delighted to discover the garage area featured a functioning ping pong table until a party member revealed that he actually knows how to play.

After suggestions of beer pong from the more idiotic party members were rebuked, a few fun games of table tennis were played between friends who did not necessarily have the skills required to hit a ball with a paddle at an Olympic level.

However, it soon became clear once former classmate Dominic Greig (26) produced a paddle from his backpack that everyone’s weekend was ruined.

“How about we put some money on it?” asked Greig as he pegged a topspin serve to the edge of the table.

“That’s one love.”

Insisting the table works on a ‘play the winner’ basis, Greig remained on the table for 20 consecutive minutes before everyone became bored.

Friends of Greig eventually ran out of patience for their ultra-competitive friend, citing being unable to score a point against him and his Lleyton Hewitt impersonations as the main reason for wanting to do literally anything else.


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