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A group of local NRL enthusiasts have been left dumbfounded today after their mate from Melbourne fluked his way to the top of their NRL tipping competition ladder.

William Ashby, an AFL supporter, only started is foray into rugby league at the beginning of the 2019 season, and much to the disappointment of his friends, he now sits with a clear lead over his die-hard friends.

The Advocate sat down with the group of men and women as they discussed the injustice of their current scenario over a few schooners at The Fisherman’s Arms down by the lake.

“It’s a bloody stitch up, who’s helping you?” cried out Nathan, last year’s competition winner.

“NRL is your second language, you asked me what a knock on was last week” piped in Shonie, a Cowboys fan who was also wearing the number 6 jersey in memory of the great and almighty JT.

In the face of all the questioning, a dumbstruck William didn’t have any answers.

“I dunno, I don’t even care for this unskilled game for meat heads.”

It’s believed the outrage continued to fly at the aerial ping-pong fanatic, with the friends attempting to remove him from their group chat and report him to customer support.

“You’re a cheat!” Cried Nathan, desperate to bring down his number one nemesis.

With the NRL going into just its 5th week out of a 25-week long season, we’ll be sure to check in later in the season to see how things shape up.

More to come.  


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