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A marketing executive at mainstream brewery “Boggs” has been labelled as a marketing genius after they made the call to give away a free hat with the purchase of a $48 case of beer.

In order to engage better with their market of alcoholic baby boomers, Boggs marketing executive Tom Hanslow (30) made the decision to include a sweatshop baseball cap with the Boggs logo affixed to the front of it.

“We are aware that no one is going to wear this hat who doesn’t own 4 plus investment properties,” stated Hanslow.

“But in 20 years time, some hipsters are going to stab each other just to be seen wearing one of these ironically at one of their kombucha listening parties.”

According to Hanslow, the progress for the slow-burn marketing campaign is underway as he has already spotted the hats at several op-shops.

“I also saw a park dad with an upmarket pram wearing one. Hipsters will be on it sooner than you think.”


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