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Local bloke Keaton Grant [32] has had it up TO FUCKING HERE with his wife’s stupid expectations.

If she’s not nagging him to please get out of his jocks because her parents are coming over, it’s getting upset he forgot to pick up the crackers for a massive platter she’s putting on for his game night.

Or getting upset at him because he’s pissed she forgot to pack his favourite cargo shorts for their trip to the coast.

“It’s just constant”, Keaton complains to his coworker over a ‘meeting’ (very long coffee break), “she’s got me by the fucking balls.”

“Last week it was ‘that mole looks really funny’, you need to get it checked.”

“Have you had the mole checked?”

“I booked a doctor’s appointment for you, please remember to go!”

“Why didn’t you go to the doctor’s appointment?”

“Keaton, it’s bleeding please.”

“Then she gets my MOTHER INVOLVED.”

“Like fuck sake, just let me live.”

More to come.


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