A stay at home daughter in Betoota Grove is ready to take her whacky show on the road by debuting a kooky name for ‘her’ new car.

Full-time gap year taker Bionica Wilby (18) was recently gifted a brand name car by her parents for her 18th birthday that was either new or second hand depending on who you ask.

Either way, young Wilby has been instructed she will be solely responsible for the car and will be responsible for paying for petrol assuming both her parents aren’t home to lend her one of their cards.

To mark her ownership of the car that is 100% hers (unless mum’s is in for a service in which case it’s her parent’s car again) Wilby gave the vehicle a name so ridiculous that it could easily be mistaken as one of her cousins from the gold mines in South Africa.

“His name is FurtFurt!” stated Wilby who began giggling so intensely she was unable to explain the inside joke from which the name was inspired.

“Follow him on TikTok! It’s @furtfurtmobile!”



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