In a stunning revelation that has left the community reeling, local man Phil Long (40) has admitted that he knows just enough about domestic chores to realise that his wife does them so much better than he does.

With Australian men constantly ranked as some of the worst in the world when it comes to domestic duties, prestigious news websites and news.com.au make a habit of running a story about it every now and then so you can see the cool adverts we have on our website.

Catching up with Long for a beer at the Armorers Arms in Betoota Ponds, it was clear that he was not at the bar to get away from his with Rachel and in fact spoke very highly of her.

“That’s one of the things I love about her, we compliment each other, we’ve got a complimentary skillset,” stated Long who was presumably counting ‘ability to complete Elden Ring twice’ as one of his skills.

“When it’s time to set up the flatpack furniture, I’m the one who’s pretty handy with a screwdriver, if I do say so myself.” 

“But if it’s time to clean the kitchen, wipe the counter, vacuum, clean the bathroom, iron, do that thing to the sink, hang out the washing, clean the bedroom or just tidy up in general, Rach is the one who is much handier with whatever the things are that you need to do those things.”

“Plus she knows how to do these things. It really helps when you know how to do the things.”

“Oh and cooking! How did I forget cooking? She is so much better at cooking except when it’s time for Philly’s Famous Meatballs!”

We reached out for Rachel about a comment on the quality of ‘Philly’s Famous Meatballs’ and received the following reply:

“Urgh, you mean Jamie Oliver’s famous meatballs?”



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