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I’ve got bad news for the renters out there: There’s only so many landlords to go round.

Meaning there’s only so many rentals to go round. And with the rental crisis out of control, everyone’s grappling to find a solution to provide affordable rental options.

But the solution is staring us in the face: Landlords buying more properties. Us landlords buying more properties is the only way to get more rental supply to market (at or above market price of course). And we have a sophisticated landlord class ready and able to take up the call (for a handsome profit, naturally).

Dumb renters don’t get it. They don’t understand that without landlords there’d be nowhere to rent. These idiots say crazy stuff like ‘landlords don’t provide housing, they do the opposite by commodifying it’ or ‘the government should supply more affordable housing’ or insane stuff like ‘rental laws need updating to give more power to renters’. It’s madness.

We just need landlords with more properties. We just need to step back and let the free market deliver affordable rental housing and solve the crisis once and for all like it has been doing all along.

The reality is if government was to shake up the system and increase the supply of affordable housing or got rid of those delicious fiscal incentives that make investing in property attractive, it would put downward pressure on house prices.

This would be terrible for most Australians. You think anyone who owns a home or has a mortgage actually wants housing to become affordable?! Then you are dumberer than I thought.

With only 31% of Australians trapped in the rental cycle, this leaves the vast majority of us to not give two flying fucks about trying to help anyone out of it. Instead, the smart ones in the room capitalise on the problem and buy more property assets to receive more rental income while pushing house prices up further.

Yet renters complain that ‘my rent got hiked 85%’ or ‘my landlord is kicking me out because I’ve got a cat’ when they should be thanking us for providing them with the basic human right of shelter.

Despite renters’ misguided noise on the subject, I for one have vowed to continue to help them by buying more properties.


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