Barely taking a second to curiously sniff at his new, comically oversized cat scratcher, local moggy Milo lets it be known that he has absolutely no interest in directing his claws at an intended target, even if his parents have splashed out $120 for it.

You see, Milo much prefers to stick to what he knows and loves best, which is either A. a chair or B. the carpet or C. curtains – and no amount of yelling, bum tapping or spray bottles will stop him from doing it.

This is why Megan and John Phillips have been forced to accept that the way they’ll be able to stop Milo from fucking up everyting they own, is to compromise and sacrifice an old chair.

Now known as ‘Milo’s chair.’

Located at the back of the living room, Milo’s owners have had to accept that it doesn’t go too well with the rest of their pristine decor, but that at least it saves their chesterfield from being turned into strips of jerky.

More to come.


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