With O-Week well and truly underway at Betoota University, 19-year-old aspiring legal eagle Adam Betts has been hard at it, moulding and sculpting his freshly updated uni persona inspired by rogue fictional lawyer Saul Goodman.

The dodgy lawyer apparently became the young man’s role-model during a week-long Stan binge of the Breaking Bad prequel Better Call Saul – which he’s demonstrated to the world at large with his frequent use of one phrase in particular.

“S’all Good-man!” he laughed after splashing a bit of the awful orange coloured $3 goon sunrises he just bought over his hands and the floor.

As he sat back down at the very sticky uni bar table with the maximum amount of drinks his unusually small hands could hold, and a fair bit of liquid in his belly as a result of the rapidly accelerating session, he realised he was a little bit cooked.

Letting out a big pre-vomit burp to the grimaces and laughter of those around him, he then offered up his catchphrase.

“Haha, S’all Good… man” he hiccupped, hoping that the show’s upcoming season would give him a wider range of material.

“Think I might need to duck off for a little Chuck McGill,” he followed up.

Then, after interrupting a conversation about who wanted caps for the upcoming O-Fest concert with some Walter White joke, Betts decided to listen to his body and walked briskly off to the toilet.

Quickly sussing out the least dirty cubicle, he began to purge his body of the significant amount of the multi-coloured liquid inside it.

Following the rank warm mix splashing back into his face after the power spew, he was greeted by one of his newfound friends laughing, “You right, mate?”

“I’m fine, gonna be a bit Slim Dusty tomorrow if ya know what I mean,” he chortled to himself.

“I’ll be parked on the couch ploughing through a couple of Dirty Bird Zinger Boxes, I reckon,” said the young man, already planning to use the time to re-watch Saul before next season began on Monday.

“Cause I’m gonna drink so hard tonight.”


He then got up, splashed his face and walked off with his companion, off to continue their first year uni peacocking.

More to come.


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