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A Betoota Heights petrolhead has announced this afternoon that he plans to put the Holden badge back on his Chevrolet Commodore today in order to pay respect to the iconic carmaker who earlier this week decided to pull out of the right-hand-drive market.

Awash with feelings of guilt and pangs of regret, Damien Leary admitted he swapped out Holden’s iconic lion badge for Chevrolet’s creepy gold cross motif a few years ago because he saw a few other people do it and thought it looked cool.

Now he feels he’s played a part in GM’s demise on this hellish planet we have all helped destroyed in some way.

“Like aw fuck mate, I feel heaps bad about Holden and that,” he said.

“But like the Chevvy badge looks fucken sick but like you got to pay your respects to Holden now. Like that was Aussie. Nothing more Aussie than a Commodore. Like yeah, that 3.6L engine or whatever is was had heaps of grunt for towing things,”

“I’m putting the Holden badge back on. It’s the least I can do.”

More to come.


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