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If there’s one good thing about modern dating, is that social media is a quick way to glean information about a person even before you’ve met them – or in Chelsea Fuller’s [29] case, doing the necessary evil every girl dreads doing and taking a scroll through their Instagram following.

Though Chelsea doesn’t enjoy doing this, she finds it helps to weed out the obvious fuckboys (the really good ones know better than to air their dirty laundry publicly).

Speaking to our reporter about her process, Chelsea admits she’s pretty disappointed after discovering a very promising romantic prospect had the ‘worst following list she’d ever seen.’

“Here’s the thing”, explains Chelsea, taking on a professional tone, “bloke’s are going to follow pretty girls, especially if they’ve been using dating apps and that’s 100% okay.”

“Ideally, it’s usually balanced out by meme pages and celebrities they like.”

“Or all that gym inspiration swole stuff.”

Chelsea says she’d been having a fantastic conversation with a cute carpenter on Hinge when it’d naturally progressed to exchanging Instagram handles, and she stumbled upon a horrifying discovery. 

“He follows over 2,000 pages”, Chelsea says with a defeated sigh, “and I shit you not, 90% of them were bikini models and Only Fans accounts.”

“A few is fine, but there were so many?”

“Yuck, that’s embarrassing.”

More to come.


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