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Famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio has set gossip columnists’ tongues wagging today, after reportedly shacking up with someone old enough to be a mother.

The Academy Award winner has apparently been spotted cozying up with supermodel Gigi Hadid, after moving on from his previous girlfriend Camila Morrone.

However, while the American has a long and storied history of dating models, it’s Hadid’s shocking age bracket that has caused a real stir.

The Los Angeles model is at the geriatric age of 27.

That means she’s a staggering 2 years older than DiCaprio’s age bracket of 25, with the greasy 48-year-old famous for dating women a whole lot younger than him.

While he has previously adhered to a strict undergraduate college student bracket, it seems the actor is now trying his luck with a local cougar.

Details about the courtship are yet to be confirmed, but it’s believed DiCaprio was pounced on by Hadid at the local bowling club during a coverband’s set.

It’s unknown whether he is looking to settle down this time, with many claiming that it’s a PR move aimed at convincing people he has no issue dating people over the age of 25.

More to come.


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