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A couple who innocently thought an armchair would make a nice addition for their bedroom have this week copped a strange look from their friends, after showing off the beautiful chest of drawers they’d nabbed for a bargain on Marketplace.

Chris and Sandra Brown are alleged to have had another couple over for dinner last Sunday night, who they’d met a week prior at the dog park. Clicking immediately, as they’d commiserated over the need for ‘more friends’, the couples had quickly forged plans to have a cute doubles date together, with Chris and Sandra generously offering up their home.

However, the couple are said to have gone from chatting regularly to being ‘slow faded’ by their new friends, which understandably made them quite upset – and it took some explaining by Chris’s brother Paul for them to figure out why.

“Didn’t take you two for being into that stuff?”, asked Paul, getting straight to the point.

“What?”, asked Sandra, thinking Paul was talking about French modern design.

“A cuck chair?”

Going on to explain, Paul says an armchair in a bedroom is usually reserved as the ‘messy clothes chair’ but that one angled towards the bed with a lamp over looks a bit suss.

“You watch too much porn Paul”, says Chris, ”nobody thinks th-.”


Thinking back to the perplexed look on Sarah and Tom’s face when he showed the room, Chris figures the couple must have taken them for swingers – which makes him angry, as their proposition, no matter how understood, has clearly been knocked back.

“You know, fuck them, I wouldn’t want to swing with them anyway.”

“They should be so lucky.”

More to come.


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