A middle income earner has allowed himself to dream this morning, as he ponders what life must be like for the filthy, stinking rich.

Seated in cattle class on a Qantas flight from Brisbane to Auckland, local hot water repairman Victor Mangoola (34) has reportedly been forced to spend the last half hour of the flight reading the Qantas in-flight magazine, thanks to a pair of headphones which have run out of battery.

Turning the pages of the exorbitant luxury magazine, Victor quickly became enthralled in the obnoxious displays of wealth flaunted on every page.

From hotel recommendations that started at a reasonable $950 a night, to restaurant guides that priced most entrees at $34, Victor soon realised that this magazine wasn’t exactly curated for his pay packet.

“Check this article about the Yarra Valley,” Victor cried to our reporter, as he pointed at the glossy pages filled with gorgeous photography.

“They’re recommending an eco-retreat which will set you back $4000 for a weekend, that’s more than what my car is worth.”

“They’re even flogging some new age gin distillery that’s apparently worth a visit, but at $220 a bottle one nip would probably set you back the same as a six-pack!”

Taking a look through the ads for luxury watches, electric BMWs and an article with travel recommendations for Finland, Victor sighed as looked out the window and dreamt about the lifestyles of the rich and famous.

“The only thing I can afford in that magazine is the estimated price of the tuk tuk from Bangkok airport to the city, and even then I’m surprised they include it considering most of the Qantas types probably book a private shuttle.”

“Then again it shows they’re looking out for the little guy…”

“Anyway, do you know if this magazine is free?”


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