The proud Queensland township of Caboolture is doubling down and flinging long today, as it shuns calls to break tradition and instead continue with its annual Boxing Day ‘Possum Toss’ festival.

Whilst the drums of cancel culture are beating loudly in inner-city enclaves around the nation, it’s believed the town has rejected a national petition to stop its annual festival, and is gearing up for a family fun day with a carnival like atmosphere.

A festival that has been held in the Sunshine Coast region for more that 87 years, locals have told The Advocate it’s just a bit of fun, although it does get pretty competitive.

Speaking to The Advocate’s breakfast news program this morning, festival secretary Gary Tallis outlined what makes the festival such a drawcard for local tourists carving their way through Queensland over the festive break.

“It’s pretty simple really, we weigh the possums and divide them up like a weighted handicap, then we get locals to stand behind the front line at the traffic lights in town and fling those bush squirrels as far as they can go!”

“If the possum lands in a tree and scampers away, it’s an immediate disqualification.”

Asked about all the news coverage broadcast in the media this week, which claimed the festival was an archaic display of animal cruelty, Gary told The Advocate that it’s just the way Caboolture celebrates Christmas.

“Nah stuff those city pricks, they wouldn’t know a community festival if a Rotary Club sausage sandwich slapped them in the face.”

“Besides what would they know about events, Sydney puts on that disco light festival, what a bore, and I don’t even know what Melbourne has to offer other than the Tennis.”

“In fact all the publicity this week has boosted us right up, even The Today Show have turned up today with Karl Stefanovic to help us get some positive coverage.”

“We’ve got him lined up to toss the first poss at 11am, he’s quite honoured to officially open the festival you know!”


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