The owner of a Betoota knick-knack store will be treating himself to a European holiday this year after his business made some very healthy profits over February.

Well known in the community for his string of cheapie businesses around town, local bloke John Simpkins has been operating Go-Lo franchises across the Diamantina for over a decade, some of which are believed to be the last stores in Queensland.

Boasting shelves of dodgy hardware products, pet toys, single use luggage that falls apart after one trip and suspicious chocolates that are past their used by date, John supplies cheap and cheerful products to Betootanese people who are thrifty enough to spend $2 on a birthday card rather than get rinsed at Woolworths.

One of the only places in town that still stocks single use plastics and knock-off Disney costumes that come in a packet, it’s believed John’s business has experienced an incredibly profitable few weeks thanks to the recent line-up of events.

“Mate I’ve been getting flogged, that Harry Styles bloke came to Betoota and completely cleared me of every cowboy hat in my warehouse,” John told our reporter.

“He did two concerts at the showground and I think I sold every pink feather bower and smudge of glitter you saw in that stadium!”

After cashing in on the arrival of Harry Styles, John admitted that he was also a huge supporter of the LGBTI+ community who sold him clean of every tub of glitter in his inventory.

“Usually I do big numbers during the pre-Christmas office party rush, but this has been nothing compared to my February.” 

“Mardi Gras, Harry Styles and a little sales burst of my Indonesian imported “Cheezols” before the NRL kicks off, I’m rolling in it!”

“I just bought business flights to Europe and I’m parking up on the coast of Saint Tropez for five months, I’ll just have to come back and make a small fortune when Halloween rolls around.”

More to come.


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