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Betoota Heights mum Tamsin Gellar [29] has this week come to the conclusion that her days of shitting in peace are well and truly over for a while, after realising that she hadn’t been able to escape to the porcelain throne for a respite without being bothered by either her three year old, Jesse, or her recent RSPCA rescue, George Michael.

In fact, Tamsin’s new favourite game is trying to guess how long it will take either of her children to work out she’s missing, and keeping a record of the quickest amount of time it takes to be discovered – and now, the little fuckers seem to be joining in cohoots.

Perching herself on the tut as she lets out an exasperated sigh, Tamsin shuts the door and amuses herself by counting out loud, reaching halfway through enunciating the word ‘four’, before she hears the jangle of a door knob and the word ‘mum’, followed by a questioning ‘meow?’

More to come.


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