The results are in and the so called ‘Generation Alpha’ are the absolute worst members of the workforce yet, with as many of 100% of them unable to find gainful employment.

Born between 2010 and 2024, Generation Alpha are amongst the most immature and infantile of workforce members with many needing constant hand holding and assistance in the most basic of tasks.

Employer, landlord, and all around expert in intergenerational affairs Karla Hughes (62) states that Generation Alpha are so work shy that she hasn’t even received a single resume from one member of today’s youth.

“You see that wouldn’t have happened back when I was young,” stated Hughes, who claims to have been born holding a newspaper that she would then deliver as part of her first job.

“Back then it wasn’t even about the money, we used to get paid in smiles, that was back when people smiled you see.”

According to Hughes, this latest generation might be the worst one yet when it comes to working for a living.

“And I’m including Millenials in that, so that really tells you something.”


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