With storms battering the entire eastern seaboard, there’s only one thing to be doing this weekend.

That is, turning on NITV and buckling up for a weekend of hardheaded rugby league that takes you back to a time before the NRL was sanitised by the boardrooms and broadcast deals.

The Koori Knockout is this year celebrating the 50 anniversary, and is already underway on the NSW south coast – with more than 150 teams across the men’s, women’s and junior tournaments.

Aboriginal footballers and families from right across the state of New South Wales have pulled up in Nowra this week, and are ready to battle it out for the 2022 bragging rights, at the the largest gatherings of Indigenous peoples in Australia.

After a couple years in hiatus due to the pandemic, the different teams and communities from around Australia are ready to put on a theatre of rugby league excellence that may even rival the Battle Of The West.

Hosted every year on the same weekend as the NRL Grand Final, the Koori Knockout is a great opportunity for professional footballers to play alongside their hometowns – with hundreds of cameos from superstars each year.

And as of last week’s preliminary match that saw the South Sydney Rabbitohs eliminated from the 2022 comp, some of the most talented Koori footballers in the NRL just became available.

Ground staff and KO match officials can today report of 89,000 unconfirmed sightings of Bunnies legend Latrell Mitchell’s Dodge Ram rolling through the streets of Nowra.

With family right across NSW, it is not yet known who TrellMit will be running on for – or if he even is in Nowra to begin with.

However local Black Cockatoo, Corey Nooky reckons his cousin seen Trell getting a feed at Maccas earlier.

“He didn’t say which one”

“You know we got three maccas aye”

“Another cousin reckons he saw him at the pool”

This is just one of nearly 100,000 unconfirmed reports of Rabbitohs being spotted in Nowra. However, due to the ever-growing excitement surrounding the 50th anniversary of the competition – most sightings are being taken with a grain of salt.

“Cody is here too aye.” said the local lad.

“Apparently he’s dyed his hair blonde. Didn’t want anyone know he’s here”

The Betoota Advocate reached out to Latrell Mitchell for comment but the BlueTooth in his truck wasn’t working and all we could hear is Luke Combs blasting out the speakers.


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