A local father is struggling to discipline his son this afternoon, after discovering he’s been partaking in some underage drinking.

After arriving home from a 10-hour day pouring concrete at the new high school construction site in Betoota Ponds, local Dad Gerald Huntington (45) made a beeline for his cherished “man-cave”, a small 2m x 2m corner of masculinity located up the back of his two-door garage.

Yanking open the door of his Kogan mini-fridge, Gerald was reportedly furious after seeing two beers had been excused from a recently purchased 6-pack of Betoota Bitter.

“I only bought these yesterday…” muttered Gerald, confused. 

After joining the dots and realising that the thief must be his 15-year-old son, Kyle, Gerald yelled out across the back yard and demand to speak with his oldest offspring.

After staring his son up and down with sheepish disapproval, Gerald reportedly failed to fully discipline his son’s recent splash of underage drinking.

“Mate, we need to have a word…” steadied Gerald.

“Did you take two beers, and don’t lie to me?”

Responding to the uneasy shifting of feet on display from his son, Gerald doubled down to say that stealing his beers wasn’t on, or at least not in the way it was currently happening.

“You can’t be takin’ beers from my fridge mate, your mother will kill ya…”

“But if you are gonna pocket a few before heading to one of your little parties, you’ve gotta replace em’, or else I will tell ya mother!”

More to come.


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